How to silently monitor child or employee’s Smartphone activity?

Mobile-Spy-Software-FeaturesFirstly, when you gift any Smartphone like android mobile, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows operating mobile to your children. For children it is the most exciting and thrilling to have one of the best mobiles. For you it becomes little nervous with what your children is going to do or what type of content he or she is going to access with that Smartphone. There are many ways by which your children can go in wrong direction using Smartphones.

Secondly, for every employer these days using Smartphones becomes important for business need. Smartphone provides a great solution to the employers to be connected with employees every time and take out the work from them easily and conveniently. But, when employees cheat their employers like lying about their location when doing field work or doing improper business tactics which may harm the business productivity, then for employers it becomes important to track what his employees are doing.

Track your children or employee’s smartphone activities

If you want to keep an eye what your child or your employees is doing with their smart phones and you really want to know about it, then Mobile spy is the ideal software for you. Mobile spy is the next generation spy software which keeps record of GPS location, Call list and contacts, Internet use and website visited, SMS sent and received, emails sent and received, multimedia files(video, audio, images),record surrounding and live control panel. This software supports almost all Smartphones such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, windows mobile and Symbian OS. Mobile Spy is stealth; with the use of internet facilities of the phone you could easily access the recorded activities of your child or employees. For viewing the activities you have to simply login into your Mobile spy account on any computer or any compatible mobiles. The recorded logs are displayed in categories for easy browsing.

The software works independently. It does not rely on your smart phone, even if your child or employees delete the call history, SMS, etc in your phone there will be no effect on the software the data will still retained and uploaded.

So, if you are really concern about your child or employees misusing the cell phones then you must install this software. This will help you in keeping track of your child or employees time to time what they are doing? Which websites they are visiting? What kind of information they are sharing? Find location where are they? Then grab this software and silently monitor your child or employee’s Smartphones activity from anywhere or anyplace.

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