Solve Five Problems Related to Your Computer

340577-50030-19Whether you are dealing with an old decade computer or with the new you feel that they both have same performance. Computer plays a very important role in our life. By the help of operating system every resourceful knowledge are at your fingertips.  An infected computer never works as your companion. Regular computer user face many issue with their system it might be that they are so busy that they didn’t get time to update or clean their computer. Thus it leads to systems crash, freeze, or other errors. Slowly your computer becomes great competitor of snail. Below you have few error that occurs when your computer is infected.

1. DLL error:

Do you exactly know that how your DLL file corrupts? Corruption in DLL file is the common issue of every PC user. DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a file that is very important for your operating system and for the other software to work properly. It is also very important to remember that a damaged or corrupted DLL file can easily damage your operating system.  The error in DLL occurs when your DLL file is corrupted. Thus it is very important for you to resolve the error to avoid the damage caused in your computer.

2. Blue screen of Death

The Blue Screen of Death, Bug check screen or BSoD is a screen error that is caused due to system fatal error. It is always unwelcomed by the computer users. It is a worst kind of error that every computer faces not like the application crash it brings the whole system down.  It is the result of low quality software, or due the hardware fault. It is generally caused by the hitch with computer’s hardware or due the low levels software running in your computer. It can even lead to data loss thus it is very important to get rid of this error.

3. PC Registry Error

PC registry is a large database that contains the setting and the configurations for program, hardware, and the application that are running on your computer.  When you install any software or program its values and key are embedded on your operating system. If the registry is not well maintained then it will registry error. It generally caused by improper application uninstallation that cause start up problem. It even makes your operating system slow, freezes and even crash. The error is also caused due to network issue specially when there is a malicious program present in your system.

4. Spyware Infection

Viruses or other malicious program is specially designed to infect your computer and to gain profit out of it.  It is piece of program that runs in your computer with your knowledge and accesses your computer with your permission. It replicates itself into other program and files and makes your system slow.  They gain control over your computer with your knowledge and infect you system as well as built a bridge for other malicious program to entire in your operating system.

5. Window won’t boot

When Window refuses to boot it is a nightmare for every computer users. Window wont boot is a common issue with various reasons. The reasons behind this error can the hard drive. It might be that your hard drive has failed.  For the safety of your computer you need to resolve this error.

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