How to speed up my computer

How to speed up my computerWhen the performance of your computer gets slow and you unable to execute any task due to slow performance of computer system. If such situation is occurring with you then don’t avoid this situation, because day by day the performance of your whole system gets down permanently. System performance gets slow if you installed lots of unwanted application programs on your system this is not only that slowdown your computer but many other internal and external factors can affect the performance of computer.

To speed-up your computer system you don’t need to call any professional engineers, if you have some technical knowledge about computer then you can also increases your computer performance by applying some methods. Some methods are given bellow that can improve the performance of your computer system;


1. Whenever you boot your computer some programs get automatically executed which slowdown your system, so by removing them you can remove lots of system memory that are occupied by them. To do this task use Microsoft’s  MSConfig tool. Go to Start > Run > type “msconfig”. Go to the startup tab and uncheck the application programs that you don’t want to execute whenever the system starts. Click OK and restart.


2. As previous said that uninstall unwanted application programs to free the system memory, don’t uninstall the system drivers like sound, graphics and other. If your system is full with unwanted applications then it affect the PC performance so Go to Control Program > Programs and Features > Uninstall the unwanted programs.


3. By deleting temporary files you can also help your system to perform well, temporary file are nothing but the files leaved by the program that you runs on your computer. These files are totally unwanted and occupy lots of disk spaces so that it is necessary to delete these files. To delete temporary files Go to Start > Run> type “%temp%” > click OK. A folder will appears with lots of files and folders select all files and delete.


4. To keep your computer fast and efficient it is also necessary that keep your computer and its installed applications up to date. Update all the computer applications on regular basis to keep your computer healthy.


5. Malware attacks and infections can also affect the performance of your computer, computer malwares can install into the computer system silently and executed automatically when user boot the computer system. It may affect the performance of your computer system. So it is recommended that use any malware removal tool and remove computer malwares form computer as soon as possible because malware can also harm your personal data.


6. By defragmenting the drive of your computer you can also enhance the PC performance, defragmentation will bring back your disk in one place. Operating system has option to defragment computer hard drive. Right click on the drive that you want to defragment->Select properties->Go to Tools tab and click on the Defragment Now


7.  Windows graphics can also affect the sped of computer it is necessary part of any computer system but if you want to turn off it then system deliver a little better performance. Go to computer icon on your desktop > Properties > Advanced System settings > Advanced > Click Settings under performance > Enable Adjust for best performance.


8. If your computer gets slowdown when you execute browser then you should optimize the browser ensue that your Brower doesn’t have unnecessary plugins and add-ons installed. If you have any unwanted plugins then remove it.


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The above given method will help you to improve the performance of your computer but careful because some methods are risky and may affect your computer system permanently. So only apply these methods if you have some technical knowledge about computer. Otherwise apply any third party PC booster tool, this tool will help you to improve your computer performance. This is also very easy to use so if you want to improve system performance and unable to execute manual method due to lack of knowledge then tool is best for you. So download it and make your computer fats and efficient.