How to Speed Up Startup Times in Few Simple Steps

start upThe Startup time is the moment which begins from pressing the start button and ends when user double clicks on an icon. But, it is really frustrating when there is a rush, and it takes more than a minute for the system to start. There are several reasons for slow startup time such as; slow operating system, virus scan or background apps, age of the system, outdated hard drive, battery condition and CPU utility. These factors can affects a system in ways like; too many apps get started at the startup time and it takes time for the system to turn on.

In order to avoids such a situation it is necessary to get rid of apps that are not mandatory and also remove apps from startup sequence and also provides an option to holdup the start of apps until after startup time. Another situation is jumbled registry and many unwanted programs loaded by the operating system. The best way to tackle this is by the help of PC System Optimizer.

This software comes featured with such tool which helps in system optimization. Such features as it clean windows registry errors which come after go through of malicious infections, virus etc. It drives away all the malwares, infections, virus from system which comes into system by click the link of entrusted site. If any hacker accesses the user computer then, he can steal personal information like password, credits card numbers etc. This software accumulates information from this problem by cleans all the traces. After cleaning all errors, malwares, it automatically can improve system performance. In system there are many unwanted process are running which slow down system and for this reason system takes more time to start. This software stops these processes and system start up performance is solved.

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Steps to Speed PC

  1. Scan for Problems









2. View Result









3.Clean the unwanted item


















These are the steps that helps to optimize PC startup time within few seconds without any additional technical knowledge.