System Restore Manually When Windows Is Not Bootable

System Restore Manually When Windows Is Not Bootable

System restoration process becomes more difficult when system is unable to boot, in this situation we can’t boot the system and without booting a computer system windows restoration and recovery task become very complex. If you are unable to boot system normally then try safe mode option to boot the windows in safe mode and if you get success to boot computer into safe mode then you can easily recover and restore your computer system. But sometimes due to any reason safe mode doesn’t come up. In this article the manual method to perform a very basic, low-level system restore method is given.

1. Access the system Files of your Computer

To access the system files you need to apply a CD or DVD bootable OS. You can use Windows PE kind of disk such as bartpe, reatogo, or hiren.

If those given CD or DVD doesn’t available then you can also attach your computer hard drive with any working computer system. The goal is to retrieve the system files.                

2. Enable the options to viewing Hidden & System Files

Check your computers folder options if options are set to hide hidden files and folders, or to hide protected OS files then turn off those features.               

3. Backup Current Config Files

Now go to C:\windows\system32\config and create a new folder named backup. Copy the whole thing in the config folder into the newly created backup folder just for protected keeping. If you don’t want to copy all the files and folders such as log file then only copy the following given files: system, software, sam, security, and default.    

4. Access “C:\System Volume Information” And Copy Files

Change the view option of your computer and set show details option to sort the files/folders by date modified and go to the most recently created folders before the issues had arisen.

Inside that folder an another folder named “snapshot” is present open it and copy the following given files to a temp folder:






5. Rename Recovered System Files

Open the temp folder and rename the give files:






6. Copy to “C:\Windows\System32\Config”

Now copy those five files to C:\windows\system32\config and replace the existing files in that folder.  

7. Reboot the computer system

If you attached your computer disk to any other working computer then first shutdown that computer and reinstall the disk to its original computer, if you don’t then restart the computer system. Now it should be starting with the system files that you manually recovered from the system restore files.       



After executing the above given steps you can perform a system restore manually without any wizard. After the rebooting your computer if you still have issues then try to recover an older set of system files from “C:\System Volume Information” as given in step 4. If it doesn’t recover your OS to a bootable state then there’s a chance that your system is corrupted very deeply and need any third party windows repair tool. This tool is very efficient and strongly programmed to overcome any corrupt computer windows.

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By using this tool you can easily recover, restore easily backup their system and boot their PC when it crashes. This repair tool is also very helpful for the normal user because they not need to type any command or do anything manfully, simply run and follow the given instruction to perform system recovery. It is the best tool for repair any deeply corrupted computer windows without affecting the stored data and system files.