If you don’t trust your near and dear ones and think they might be hiding the truth from you. Then you can spy on these persons who are hiding the truth from you and you can know that. Now –a –days you can easily know the truth by tapping their cell phones. Tapping is a procedure by which you can listen or scout the discussion or chat of the spied person.

There are various tools, which you can use to tap cell phones. Mobile Spy software will help you to know the truth of the situation and also get a chance to clear your doubts. Some parents were worried about their children track their children’s activity by tapping their cell phones to know their recent activity and also know about the places where they would be present.

Cell phone tapping was initially and currently used by the police, detectives and other national security officials to get hold of criminals but now we can use it for some other purpose. One can now understand for what purpose they are used.

There is much software that is available which can be used to tap any cell phone. This software has also been used by police, FBI and even military powers of all over the world. Each software has a different feature and works differently.

How to tap a mobile phone?

To tap suspicious cell phone we need to first to download or buy the software first that will help to tap the phones. So, to do that at first the software’s tracking application is installed which runs on the targets’ cell phone. There are many special features of this software which has been described below:

Cell tracking: This service of the software enables to record all the calls and call logs. Moreover, the number of calls made to any number along with the call timing and call minutes all can be recorded and you will get all the information about them.

SMS and email tracking: E-mail and SMS that the tapped cell phone receives can also be seen by you along with the sent time and every bit of the information in the E-Mail or SMS can be known to you.

Photo SMS: If the target person sends or uploads any photos on his cell phone then that is sent to the web server from where the photos can be viewed by you.

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Live Calls & Environment Listening: With this software, one can easily hear whatever the target person is talking and that becomes the real and actual proof for you and the target if guilty can be caught red-handed by making the cell phone as a turning it into a room surveillance device.

GPS Location Tracking: By tapping the cell phone with this software you can know the exact position of the target by using maps on Google. You can also know about the position of your child that is whether he really is in school or library and whether your employee is really facing a lot of problems or is he just making excuses.

How this total program of cell tapping is done by this software?

After purchasing this software, you will have to download its installation procedure of the software and install it on the cell phone of the target by the use of OTA (over-the-air). This procedure takes hardly any minutes.

Once the installation is completed on the targets cell phone, each and every action on the cell phone of the target is traced and uploaded onto the software’s servers. Then you can log in into your online account that you made and view every detail of the target starting from his movement to his conversation with any person live.

Even if you don’t get a chance to listen and see the person’s SMS or conversation live then there is also another provision with this software by which the conversation, SMS and other activity gets recorded which you can get through later when your time permits. Here is an algorithm for you to understand the working of this software:

At first, you procure the software and download its installation on the target’s cell phone which you want to surveil. You can even organize and arrange the programs according to your supervision.

when the target does any activity on his cell phone that gets recorded and slowly uploaded by server of that software which you can fetch whenever you want.

Now the last step is your online logging into your account and in no time you can view all the details and actions performed by the target. The logs would contain all the Contacts List, Text messages, GPS Locations, Call History and several other information.

How to Monitor Others Smartphones?

You can use this tool with the help of below image

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