How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Windows Phone?

transfer contacts from Android

There are many users who want to replace their old Android phones and want to buy new Windows phone. After buying new phones, users want to transfer all their contacts from their Android mobile to Windows based phones. However they find it difficult to transfer all contacts and they also don’t know about how to transfer all those contacts to windows mobile. Therefore mentioned below paragraph will guide you about how to migrate all contacts from their Android phone to the new Windows phone.

The moving of data between devices is always a hard activity. And it becomes harder especially when you transfer contacts from one Smartphone platform to some other. However in this competitive world, still there are some basics which make complex task very easy.

Those users who has just bought a new phone or if they are planning to buy new Windows phone device then you can be able to now the way to transfer all your contacts from Android Smartphone. By doing the manual method, you have to simply copying the .vcf file will not work for Windows phone and so one has to convert the files to .csv format. But it seems that this method looks hard so it is recommended to look for a simpler method so that you can easily transfer all the contacts to Windows phone. It is assuming that all contacts, emails and calendar events have been synced to the Gmail account on Android phone.

You should use Phone to Phone Transfer software as this software has the ability to transfer all contacts from Android phone to Windows phone. With the help of this software you can easily transfer contacts, call logs, photos, transfer SMS, music or Apps etc. including company name, job title, contact copy or email address etc. You can easily transfer the content between phones on any other network. T-mobile, AT & T or Verizon. This software works more than 2000 phones including symbian, android and every single model of iPhone and even in new iPhone 5. While transferring the data, there is nothing to worry of losing the quality because this software will give you the original as same as the earlier without losing the quality and risk-free too.

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Steps to transfer contacts:

Step 1: Connect Two of Your Devices to Computer

Connect your device through USB cable. Once it detected and connected to your compueter then you can run Wondershare MobileTrans and you will find a window as follow.


On the place of “Source” and “Destination” your device name will be displayed. If you want change the place of those two device then you can choose “flip”

Step 2: Start to Transfer Data from One Phone to Another

The data of the source phone which can be transfer are listed at the centre. To move those you only require to mark and and click start copy. It will be tranfered to your destination phone.

phone to phone

Tick off the bar “clear data before copy” under the destination phone to if you want to empty the destination phone before transfer

Make sure while this tranfer your both device should not disconnect. Once it gets completed hit the “OK” button.