As we all know that contacts play an important role in our life. The craze of Android is rising and the old phones are left behind. So we all want to change our phone but getting the same app, data and other stuff in our new phone seem to be impossible.

When you have to deal with your contacts from Nokia phone to your android phone then you feel little embarrassed. It is simply a waste of time to import your hundreds of contacts to android phone one by one. But you don’t have to worry you have a simple and effective way to perform this task. With the help of Phone to Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer your Nokia contacts to an Android phone in just a few clicks.

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It sounds really cool, isn’t it! No matter what version you are using by using this software you can transfer data from Nokia to Android phone. It can transfer your contacts, call log, music, SMS, pictures, videos or any Apps etc (including the company name, contact copy, job title, or the email address etc. This software helps you to transfer data between two phones on any network.  

While transferring the data you don’t have to worry about losing the quality because this software ensures you to give the original quality as it were earlier without losing the quality.

Software features:

It can transfer all your stuff:

We all think that it is not possible to get all you stuff from your old phone to your new android phone. Some company can only transfer few data from on phone to another but what about the rest of stuff.  No need to worry by the help of this software you can transfer call logs, contacts, SMS, videos, music, photos, and apps.

Transfer data from one phone to another with a single click:

By the help of this software, you can transfer your data between the two phones. No matter what version you are using it can transfer data with an ease. While transferring the data you need not worry about losing quality.

It supports more than 2000 phones from HTC, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and More! :

This software supports support more than 2000 devices such as HTC, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and so on. You can transfer your stuff between two devices smoothly and quickly.

Easily transfer your phone content on other networks such as AT & T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon

Don’t depend on the stuff at device store to transfer only links from your era telephone to new phone. This software can transfer almost everything.

How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android

Below you have a complete that will guide while transferring Contacts from, your Nokia to Android phone by the help of this software.

Wondershare MobileTrans lets you transfer data between different phones with one click, including iOS, Android, Symbian, and WinPhone. You can use it to transfer data between any of them.

Step 1-Connect Two of Your Devices to Computer:

Connect your device through USB cable. Once it detected and connected to your computer then you can run Wondershare MobileTrans and you will find a window as follow.

On the place of “Source” and “Destination“, your device name will be displayed. If you want to change the place of those two devices then you can choose “flip”.

Step 2- Start to Transfer Data from One Phone to Another

The data of the source phone which can be transferred are listed at the center. To move those you only require to mark and click start copy. It will be transferred to your destination phone.

Tick off the bar “Clear data before copy” under the destination phone to if you want to empty the destination phone before transfer. Make sure while this transfers your both device should not disconnect. Once it gets completed hit the “OK” button.

Note- Data transfer steps for other devices, as data transfer from Symbian/iOS to Android, from Symbian/iOS/Android to Symbian, or from Android/iOS/Symbian to iOS are quite similar. You have to install iTunes on your computer if you want to transfer data from or to iOS.

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