How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Android

contacts to outlookTo import or export the phones contacts from phones contacts to Microsoft Outlook for the devices that are based on Android Operating system. If you have hundreds of then you need to it manually one by one. It becomes worse if the contacts are more that a SIM card can hold so you just don’t need to put the SIM card to the Android phone for transferring contacts. So one of the easiest way to do so is by synchronizing the contacts from Outlook to your Android phone.

The Android based phones support over the air synchronization with the help of corporate Microsoft Exchange servers. It is one of the great option for synchronizing the mails, contacts and calendars. But synchronizing local Outlook data via the help of USB is also possible.

Google provides an official app for synchronizing Outlook calendars with Google calendar. But in this case the old version of Outlook does not work. So you need to export everything to the CSV file and then import it to the Google Calendar manually. And this is only meant for Google contacts. So if you have to use Outlook synchronization then you should take help of Phone to Phone Transfer software help.

It is very useful for synchronizing Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendars.  It helps to make backup of the text message.  As too many android phones lack free Outlook synchronization options or some phones do not let you to synchronize the contacts from Outlook to Android at once. Phone to Phone Transfer for Android enables you to import all the contacts from the Outlook to Android immediately and conveniently. With the help of this software with the help of simple click you can transfer your all contacts from your phone to Outlook With the help of this software you can even transfer your call logs, SMS, photos, videos, music or even apps etc. While transferring the contacts you need not worry of losing the quality of your data as this software manage to transfer contacts without losing the quality and risk free too.

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How to transfer contacts from Outlook to Android

Step 1: Connect your device to the system via USB cable. After detecting and connecting to the computer then run the Phone to Phone Transfer software.


On the place of the “source” and “destination” the name of you device will be displayed. If you want to change the place of the two devices then choose the “flip” option.

Step 2: The data of the source phone which helps to transfer will be listed at the center. To move the contacts you need to mark and click on start to copy. It will help to transfer all the contacts to the destination phone.