Before un-formatting your Mac hard drive that’s formatted, I would advise that backup must be maintained to recuperate formatted hard disk on MAC. But if have not maintained any back up then still have a good probability to retrieve data from formatted disk using iOS professional recovery tool.

Retrieve data from formatted MAC drive or external drive

  1. Unformat formatted HFS+/HFSX Volume and external drive (FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS),
  2. Recover photo, video, audio, document, archive, email from formatted Mac drive,
  3. Unformat the partition which has deleted, lost, resized or corrupted,
  4. Unformat Mac hard disk by quick format or complete form
  5. Can quickly scan your hard drive and read-only, risk free.

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Conjecture to unformat any Mac hard disk is, on formatting Mac HFS+/HFSX Storage or an external hard drive; data aren’t wiped permanently. Format procedure just took your hard disk in a state where it could be reused, regardless of whether it’s quick or absolute format. Therefore you can still recover previously hidden data from hard drive if no new set of data has been instilled. Because inserting some more data will overwrite earlier data and after this previous set of data will never be retrieved again. Thus you have be careful if you want all your data restored.

Main Causes of iPhone/iPad or iPod Data Loss

  • Accidental Deletion of Data – Sometimes, we accidentally delete data by pressing the wrong button. While deleting unwanted files we click on “Delete All” button and thereby we lose our important data as well.
  • Hardware or software Malfunction – This is another reason of data loss. The hardware or software malfunction can take place when you drop your iPhone, iPad or iPod on the ground, interruption while charging the device or replacing the battery casually.
  • Virus/Malware Attack – Virus/Malware attack is one of the prime factors that can easily corrupt stored data on your iDevices. Hackers making more and more iOS-based virus and malware to gain remote access of other people iPhones, iPad and iPod. Even the best anti-virus programs are not able to detect them.
  • Software corruption – your iDevice may suffer software corruption and an app might shut down unexpectedly while you are using it and as a result, you may encounter data loss. Sometimes, anti-virus or other security apps can cause software corruption of your iOS device.
  • Other Reasons – Other reasons such as performing restore factory settings, improper jailbreak of iDevices, downgrade or upgrade of iOS, etc can lead to data loss.

Therefore, it is suggested that you must keep a backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. But if you do not have any backup then you have to look for a way to recover those deleted/lost data. iOS Device Recovery Tool for Windows/Mac will allow you to recover your lost or deleted data directly from your iDevices.

Reasons that Leads to iOS Data Loss

iOS Data loss has become a common problem we always face. But what are those common reasons, well find out the reasons that lead to iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) data loss:

  • Accidental deletion of iOS Data – It is one of the common reasons that lead to iOS data loss. Most of the users delete photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes, etc from their iPhone, iPad, iPod by pressing the wrong button.
  • Upgrade or downgrade of iOS – When you upgrade or downgrade your iOS version of your iOS device, then you will lose the data stored in your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • If jailbreak of iOS fail – While you jailbreak your iOS Device and if the process fails then you will encounter data loss and also you will lose device warranty.
  • iDevices got broken or damaged – This is another common reason for iOS data loss, if your iDevice gets damaged, smashed, broken or dropped into water, etc will all result in data loss.
  • Performing iOS Device Factory Restore – If you perform iOS factory restore then it will delete all personal and other data stored in your device.
  • Virus Infection – If your iDevices gets infected with virus/malware then it can easily corrupt data saved on it and you may encounter data loss.
  • Replacing iDevice battery – Well, this has the same result as factory restore, even all the flash memory in iOS device is retained without power. Therefore, your data may get deleted if you change your iOS Device battery improperly.
  • iDevice gets locked due to forgotten password – If you had forgotten your iDevice password, then you may encounter with locked screen and you will not be able to access your data.

So, these are some common reasons due to which iOS device users may lose data. But you can still restore your iPhone, iPad and iPod data with the help of iOS device Recovery Tool.

About iOS Device Recovery Tool

iOS Device Data Recovery Tool easily recovers deleted/lost/erased/missing data from iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. It can recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos, notes, call logs, memos, calendars, camera roll, reminder, WhatsApp chat history, documents and even safari bookmarks. It can recover data that has lost due to any reasons that include factory setting restore, accidental deletion, system crash, broken device, etc. The software is available separately for both Windows and Mac and comes with a user-friendly interface so that anybody can easily operate it. It also allows you to preview the files of recovered data within the application before final recovery. So, what are you waiting for just download and install this powerful iDevice Data recovery software for free and restore back all data what you have lost.


Key Features of iOS Device Recovery Tool

  • Recovers deleted data directly from iOS Device – This tool easily recovers deleted/lost/erased/missing data from iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • Support different kind of data recovery – The software is capable to recover Contacts, Messages, Notes, Reminder, App videos, Call history, WhatsApp History, Safari Bookmark, Voice Memo, Camera Roll, App Documents, etc.
  • Recover Data from iTunes Backup – It also recovers the previously deleted data from iTunes backup. So, if you have deleted any data from iTunes backup and want to restore it then you can sue this software.
  • Restore data from iCloud Backup – Similarly, it also retrieve previously lost/deleted data from iCloud Backup as it is in the case of iTunes Backup.
  • Preview Option – This iOS Device Data Recovery allow you to preview the files within the software before final recovery. It save user’s valuable time as it helps to select appropriate file for recovery.
  • Easy to use – It comes with user friendly interface and therefore anybody can operate this software to recover deleted data from iDevices.

Steps to Recover Deleted Data from iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

Step 1 – Download and install iOS Device Recovery tool (Mac/Windows as per your system OS) on your system and with the help of USB cable connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your system. After that, you will get the below interface.


Step 2 – Enter Scanning Mode to Scan the Device

Follow the below-mentioned instruction to enter into scanning mode:

  • Click the Start button
  • Hold ‘Power‘ and ‘Home‘ buttons on your device at the same time for exact 10 seconds
  • After 10 seconds, release the ‘Power‘ button right away but keep holding the ‘Home‘ button
  • You will be informed that you have successfully entered into the scanning mode and you can release the ‘Home‘ button now


Once the above process successfully complete, the software will start to scan your device automatically for lost data.

Step 3 – Preview and Recover Data

After the scanning process gets completed, you can then Preview the file one after the other before recovery and then make selections for the files to recover.

Step 4: Once you select the files for recovery click on “Recover” button, to restore the deleted data back on your system.



Tips to Avoid iOS Data Loss

Losing data from iOS Devices is a really an unpleasant incident particularly for those who rely on iPhone or iPad for business. Because losing important data always cost you lots of time and money to get it recovered. So, here are some tips that you can follow to avoid iOS data loss in future:

  • At the time when you want to delete files from iOS devices, just check the files twice carefully that the files you are deleting are the exact one.
  • Always backup your data on a regular basis by syncing your iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes or iCloud for backup.
  • Make a habit of keeping the backup of your iOS device data to iTunes or iCloud every time before you update your device to new iOS version.
  • Most of the users go for jailbreak. Hence, it is recommended that when you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod then do it in a proper way, or else you may lose data of that iOS device.
  • While you are in crowds of people you must remember to pay attention to keep your iOS device in a safe place.
  • As there are no specific reasons for White Apple logo of death, it is suggested that you must be careful while installing any app on your iOS device.
  • If you have set the password to lock your iOS device then it is suggested that you must write down the password and keep it in a safe place to prevent forgetting the password.
  • While you perform restore factory settings you should remember to backup your iOS Device.

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