Out of all documents file format out there, translating or editing a PDF file is usually the worst case, the worst thing of a PDF document is that it is locked with a password for security purpose which does not allow users to even copy and paste the content of the document from it. For example – I have downloaded PDF documents and I was trying to convert them into other file formats, but it didn’t convert reflecting the error message that conversion fails due to password protected, then I tried to copy the content even that also not work because the content was not copied able due PDF file was locked with password.

I am looking any best solution which can remove the password from the documents so that I can do my work smoothly. Any help or software will be helpful.

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In our daily office work, it very important to know how to unlock a password protected PDF documents, because almost more than 80% PDF documents are password protected, mostly documents belong to the business sector that is locked with a password to secure documents.

PDF protection can arise or come in many different forms and ways such as a PDF may be secured from being copied, the creator might have allotted password to PDF from to avoid PDF printing, editing, page extraction, filling forms, merging documents, add or remove commenting and much more restriction. So, if you or creator has secured anything of PDF documents then it is obvious that it has been protected by owner password.

Though this is the simplest and easy way to protect your documents there is also a disadvantage of it that it significantly decreases the chances that your PDF files will be converted to another file format, printing, copying, etc. Another way of securing, like user password provide more protective, it might not allows users from even opening or doing any changes to it.

How to Unlock Secured PDF File?

To unlock or to remove password from password protected PDF files in order to get the content, print or edit PDF users will require a third party application. PDF Password Cracker is one of the popular and specially designed software which work as simple PDF unlocker which easily and effectively unlock the password protected PDF files.

It removes both owner password and users’ password including editing, copying, printing, etc from locked PDF documents successfully. PDF password remover is easy to use and it is compatible with almost every version of Windows Operating system including Windows 8.

How to Use PDF Password Cracker?

Step 1: Load PDF files

Simply drag and drop your PDF files into the software and after that imported PDF files will get displayed in the file list. You can also import PDF documents “File > Add Files”
After loading files, you can right-click on any file to delete, clear all or just decrypt selected file.

Step 2 – Customize

The tool can easily remove owner password, but for removing user password, first you have to enter the correct password and the software will do the rest.

Step 3 – Start to Remove Password

Now click “Start” button to crack PDF password.

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