Unlocking a Worksheet with an Unknown Password

Remove MS Excel passwordMS Excel password protection feature is the feature that allows user to protect their important excel spreadsheet file and data from unauthorized person. Sometime downloaded excel file is also password protected and you have to pay them in the manner to know the password of related excel file.

Forget password of your excel file and want to open excel file, then don’t worry because there are many methods are available to help you in such situation. It is a very common situation for the user because it you can get forget password easily if you are not using it frequently. Once you protect your excel file with a strong password and after couple of month when you try to open it then you need to enter password that was given by you at the time of protecting your file. It is very common that you forget the password after some month (if it is not used frequently). So to overcome from such type of problem you may apply any one solution from the bellow given solutions:

If the excel sheet is protected with the read only password then you can open it but cannot modify the data without the password. You may be able to simply copy the worksheet contents to a new worksheet. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new excel file
  2. Open the protected workbook and select the first cell in the worksheet i.e. A1
  3. After it Press Shift+Ctrl+End together to select the all used cell present in the worksheet.
  4. To copy the selected content use ctrl+C
  5. Open the newly created excel file and past the copied data on it by using Ctlr+V button (Make sure that the first cell of the new file must be selected).

By the above process you can convert a read only excel file to a read and write excel file. After executing such method carefully you can open the file and edit it according to your need. If the protected worksheet has links to other worksheets then you may require copying those links individually or setting up those links manually. After copying data you will also required adjust heights of row and column widths, to match the old worksheet.

Free Tool to open Password protected Excel sheet:

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The above given method is only work on the read only protection but what when a excel file require password to open. For this problem you need to apply a professional MS excel password remover tool, this software is able to remove password from any excel file without any trouble. So if you want to make excel file password free then you may apply this software and delete password from excel spreadsheet without need of any professional knowledge and typing any command manually. Simply download it and run to remove password from the excel file.