Phone sheriff is a mobile spy tool, it is the best example of latest phone technology. This tool works like a mobile spy which provides the entire information of the tracked mobile to the user.

It is very useful tool for parents that want to track phone activity of their teenager children. It is actually parental control software which provides the total accessibility of their child’s phone. This tool is also very useful for the business owners because this tool can also have suitable license for business owners. It is a silent spy tool that works very silently and gives the total activity of the tracked mobile without giving any acknowledgment to the mobile user.

This tool can able to track and record the total phone activity such as outgoing call, incoming call, incoming messages, outgoing messages, i-messages, internet activity etc. This tool can also have the ability to track the GPS location of the user. So that by using this tool you can see that call detail, messages, and internet activity such as what urls are visited by the target mobile.

You can also see the gallery content of the mobile phone such as images, audio files, videos etc. Along with tracking facility this tool can also allows you to filter the application used by the tracked phone, it means you can block any application that you want. Along with the given features you can also block the url or website, Fix the time of incoming and outgoing call and lock the entire phone activity. So that this tool is design to protect your children from unwanted phone activity and unwanted internet activity.

To use this tool and protect your children from any unwanted phone activity simply download Phone sheriff tool and install in on the target mobile phone. This tool is works on the stealth mode and so that it doesn’t leaving any spying trace on the mobile phone of the user. The all tracking information of the target mobile are stored on the secured database server of the Phone sheriff and you can access these information by login into your licensed Phone sheriff account.

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License options:

Phone sheriffs offer two types of license options the first is for parents because this license are design for the parents that simply want to track the phone activity of their children. The second license is for business owners that want to track phone activity of their employees.

How To Operate this Tool:



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