How to view the EPUB file on PC or Mobile Devices?


Use this tool to view EPUB files on PC:

1)    Adobe Digital Editions (Windows and Mac OS)

Download link:

2)    Sony Reader Library(Windows and Mac OS)

Download link:

3)    Calibre  (Windows and Mac OS)

Download link:

4)    Stanza (Windows OS)

Download link:

This following tool lets you view EPUB files on Mobile Devices:

1)    iPad: iBooks, Stanza

2)    iPhone: iBooks, Stanza

3)    Andriod Devices: FBReaderJ


How to create Epub

Books that are in ePub format are becoming popular day by day as most of the latest gadgets supports ePub ebooks such as iPhone 4, iPad 2, Android Cell Phone. With the help of which you can create your own ePub ebook from other document types that helps to store such as word, pdf etc.

If you want to create ePub books for the iPod, iPhone, iPad or other type of digital devices then ePub Creator is the best software. ePub Creator or builder helps you to create ePub files from almost all the types of common documents such as PDF, HTML, TEX, Word, XML etc. It is a simple and powerful eBook creator that is designed to provide with the solution to build your own EPUB eBooks. It even allows you to create your EPUB eBook from 100 of files in most popular formats at one time. With the help of this tool you can even customize the book cover, layout, info, tables of contents to make the eBook personalized.


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