App packages contain fully contained a self-sufficient unit of deployment that contains all the binaries, resources, assets etc. of your app. But there are some dependencies of external components such as the C++ Runtime DLLs. In order to provide functionality, there is a special package called C++ Runtime Package

This package is special as it is a Windows Component Library on which other packages depend on and which can be shared by multiple packages.  This package contains all the C++ runtime DLLs relevant for Windows Store apps.  If a package specifies the dependency on the C++ Runtime package then at runtime, the app is able to load the C++ Runtime DLLs from the dependency package.

Though Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error good in controlling all the DLL programs but sometimes malicious for many reasons. One of such errors which can crop up due to an outdated version of the program that conflicts on plug-in or other software, or missing program components among other things.

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Sometimes when you download your apps from the store then they get the C++ Runtime package along with your app.  This dependency package is downloaded only if it is already present on the end users machine or the version number on the end users machine is less than the latest dependency package on the Store. To fix this problem you need to avoid Visual C++ from causing the problem to YouTube, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Step 1:

To fix the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error you need to update Microsoft Visual C++ to the latest version and the error should be fixed. After downloading then you need to run the file with admin permissions and follow all the on screen instructions. After installing you need to restart the computer or do as directed.

Step 2:

If you have installed Patcher.exe, a file that is used by many programs viz. anti-virus, online video games like Audition Dance Battle, protected files via any program download then uninstall and reinstall it. Un-installation of the recently downloadable program then it is needed to reinstall all the programs such as any games or antivirus or any other application to its latest version.

You can even separately and uninstall any Patcher.exe file to fix the Visual C++ error.

Step 3:

Then you need to run the File Checker utility to fix the problem you need to scan and fix the corrupt system files. Then you need to press the “Windows” key and type “CMD” in the Search Charm. Then right click upon the “cmd.exe” and click “Run as administrator”. It will prompt you to type your password and then continue. On the Command Prompt window, you need to type “sfc /scannow” and hit “Enter”. Then the command will scan the corrupt/incorrect file versions and fix/replace them with their right version. After this exit Command Prompt and then again restart your computer if prompted.

Step 4:

If any of these steps do not fix the errors then you need to update the Windows with the latest updates, patches, and fixes. For this click on the “Start” button, “All Programs”, “Windows Update”. This will direct you the Windows Update website, from where you can download the required updates and then run the updates with admin permissions or else you’ll face another error. After doing this you need to restart your computer to eliminate the error.

There is a secure way to overcome this C++ Runtime Error. You can take help of the Reimage Repair Software. This software helps to eliminate all the errors of Visual basic C++ runtime error. And not only this it is very simple and easy to use that helps the user to fight against daily problems that arise including malware infection and other kinds of software issues.

How the Reimage Fixes Windows 8 C++ Runtime Error?

Step 1: Firstly yoou need to install the Reimage Repair Tool and provide the licence and password.


Step 2: Then you need to start the scanning process so that software can check for Windows runtime error to eliminate all the problems associated with it.


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