Windows 8 Drivers: Problems and Solutions

Windows 8 Drivers: Problems

Windows 8 DriversWindows 8 driver issues are one of the hottest issues searched by the internet surfer or users, online forums are packed with the topics related to the Windows 8 driver errors and solutions.

This problem same as the Windows Vista had on launch compared to Windows XP, many firms are not bothering to make specialized Windows 8 drivers for their hardware, and Windows 7 drivers every so often don’t do the job.

This problem is specially occurs with the older laptops and PC’s video drivers. Somewhat than release video drivers themselves, NVIDIA and ATI depend on the laptop’s makers to release updates. Some manufacturers like Sony, finally stop updating their older laptops, leaving the video drivers caught on old versions.  Because of this severe graphical issue occurs when a latest operating system, like Windows 8, is installed. While playing any HD game such problem can also occur.

Windows 8 Drivers: Solutions

Read the given solutions to fix several driver errors:

1.     Visit the manufacturer’s website for an update

Although, as discussed above, producers ultimately stop supporting their older systems, but some of them are releasing particular updates for Windows 8 drivers. To verify it you will required the model number of your PC (know this information from System Properties press Windows Key + Pause). When you visit the manufacturer’s site, you’ll be asked to choose this model number to see the latest updates.

2.     Check the hardware’s website for an update

While some PCs need you to go although the firm to update anything, often the hardware’s website will have Windows 8 drivers. You may also try the extremely latest Windows 7 drivers, and see if they do the trick.

3.     Install the driver in Compatibility Mode

One problem may be that the driver identifies Windows 8 on open and crashes. It’s a completely good driver, but it unable to grip considering an operating system it doesn’t identify. So the ultimate solution is to craft the driver believe it’s running in Windows 7.

To execute a driver in Compatibility Mode:

  1. Open the driver’s setup properties to do this Right click on the driver’s Setup icon and click Properties
  2. In the Compatibility tab, Choose Run This Program in Compatibility Mode For:
  3. Select Windows 7 from the dropdown menu
  4. Click OK

Choose this check box and select Windows 7.

It will make the driver smooth, and it may install very easily.


4.     Hack newer video drivers to work with your older laptop

This trick is actually type of a last option, but this is an effective way to remove graphical relics from my screen in Windows 8. Let us suppose you have a three-year-old Sony Vaio laptop with included NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics hardware. Unluckily, Sony stopped up updating the driver for it in 2010. If you try to download latest drivers from NVIDIA, you’ll receive an error when it examines the PC’s hardware.

To solve this, download the newest drivers and unpack them. Then, copy the entire folder to a new location, because NVIDIA erases them when it gets unable to detect your hardware. Get the hardware ID of your video card in Device Manager, and add it to the appropriate INF file, then execute the setup again. This solution is for Windows 7, but it also works well in Windows 8.

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2                                                                 Find the hardware ID in Device Manager.

Conclusion: The above steps will make any hardware working in Windows 8. Still having hardware that now declines to execute in Windows 8