Android operating system has the partition of internal storage of your device into several sections which include sections for user data and cached data for the frequently accessed apps. If you want you can clear the data and the cache individual apps on your device or you can boot the device into a special recovery partition. From the recovery console, you can wipe all the data from your android device, so that you can also clear all the data.

However, to protect your online data in phone, you need to wipe all the data of your device before selling your phone into the second-hand market but the question arises, how?  Mentioned below are the different ways buy which you can wipe out all the android data and cache easily.

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Part 1: Wipe Phone Data and Cache with your Android

When you will begin, you will be asked to enter the recovery mode and after that you have to follow the instructions.

Note: While wiping your data, it may be possible for your phone settings, some apps or some other files get deleted and your phone is set back to default factory settings. Therefore, you should remember to do a backup before you wipe your android data. After you have done backup of your data with your Android phone, you can easily get these data back if you want and you will not face any issue while getting those data back.

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Mentioned below are the steps on how to wipe out the data of your android phone.

Step 1: Power off your phone, and then press the “Power on” button and the “Home” button at once to enter CWM4 the recovery mode.

Step 2: Click on “Volume” button to select the option, “Wipe data/factory reset” and make by hitting the “Home” button.


Step 3: Hit on “Volume” button to then select “Yes, delete all user data” and at last press “Home” to confirm.


Step 4: When you will see the words in white color as the window shows, then be sure that that you’ve wiped your android phone data successfully.

Step 5: Select the “Wipe cache partition” along with “Volume” and then hit on “Home” button to perform it.


Step 6: After that, select “Yes, wipe cache” and click on “Home” button so that it can wipe the cache.


Step 7: You will see the following window which means that you are in the progress of wiping cache.


Part 2: Erase Phone Data and Cache with Phone Transfer

Wondershare MobileTrans lets you transfer data between different phones with one click, including iOS, Android, Symbian, and WinPhone. You can use it to transfer data between any of them.

Step 1- Connect Two of Your Devices to Computer:

Connect your device through USB cable. Once it detected and connected to your compueter then you can run Wondershare MobileTrans and you will find a window as follow.

On the place of “Source” and “Destination” your device name will be displayed. If you want change the place of those two device then you can choose “flip”.

Step 2- Start to Transfer Data from One Phone to Another

The data of the source phone which can be transfer are listed at the centre. To move those you only require to mark and and click start copy. It will be tranfered to your destination phone.

Tick off the bar “clear data before copy” under the destination phone to if you want to empty the destination phone before transfer. Make sure while this tranfer your both device should not disconnect. Once it get completed hit the “OK” button.

Note- Data transfer steps for other devices, as data transfer from Symbian/iOS to Android, from Symbian/iOS/Android to Symbian, or from Android/iOS/Symbian to iOS are quite similar. You have to install iTunes on your computer if you want to transfer data from or to iOS.

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