Wipe iOS Data Permanently

how to erase iOS data permanentlyIf you want to sell your old iOS device and planning to buy new one then several people think this problem as lot of personal data and information is stored in the old device and you really don’t want anyone to gain access to those personal data since you don’t know in whose hand your device will go. Deleting your personal data and information from iOS device is not enough and if you think that by deleting you are able to delete those personal data permanently then you are wrong. There are several ways with the help of which your personal data can be recovered and later on misused. So, before selling your iOS device you must ensure that you have not leaved any personal data or information in that device which will never get recovered by any means.

In order to wipe your iOS data permanently, you can make use of SafeEraser software. This is the most efficient and best software that can wipe iOS data permanently. Thus, the entire information or data wiped by this software will be unable to recover by any means. It is one among the best iDevice ‘erase’ tools which is designed specifically to wipe all the personal data from the iOS device completely. US Military over writing skill is used by this software in order to leave the data unrecoverable thus resulting in cleaning your iOS device and making a new one before selling, gifting or trading it in.

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Steps to wipe iOS data permanently:

Step -1: Run the application and connect it with your iOS device

Download and install SafeEraser software on your computer. After installing, run the program and connect your iOS device such as iPad, iPhone, iPod to your computer. Your device will be automatically detected by this program.


Step – 2: Choose any type of data erasing

Erase all data on device will help you in deleting the entire data and settings permanently.

Erase all deleted files will able to clean only the deleted files like images, messages, videos,  contacts etc which will not get  recovered at any cost.

You need to choose erase all data on device for making your iDevice completely a new one. This will help in cleaning only deleted files like images, messages, videos, contacts etc which will not get recovered at any cost.2

Step – 3: Start to erase the entire data from your iOS device

At first, you have to choose levels (low, medium, high) in order to wipe the entire data from iOS device. As per your nedd, choose the desired level then click on “start” button. On clicking on “start” button, it will ask confirmation from you. Enter the word given in the text then click on “confirm” button. Now, your entire data will get erased by this program one by one.


Step – 4: Now use your iOS device as a new one

After the program had finished erasing the entire data from the device then the device becomes new one. Thus, your device is ready and you can now sell it, gift to others or trade it in as per your choice.



SafeEraser is suggested to be the most effective and safest data protection solution available which helps in wiping all personal data or information from the iOS device permanently and thus resetting settings of the system in just single click. On performing this, there is no such other data recovery tool which will be able to recover your wiped data from your iOS device.