Wipe iPhone Data Permanently!

delete-iphone-ipad-fileThere are many people who want to sell their iPhone so that they can buy next generation’s iPhone. But before you sell that iPhone, it is very important to delete all your personal data from it.  There are many people who sell their iPhone without deleting their personal data from it.

For some people, the whole is on their phone. You will probably don’t want to hand over the phone to some other person without deleting your personal data as it includes your e-mails, contacts, photos, videos, music and other personal stuff.  There are some circumstances in which you want to delete your iPhone data and settings. These circumstances are:

  • When you are selling your iPhone
  • When the phone is sent for repair and you don’t want your personal data
  • When your phone is so messed up so that it needs to be erased and set up when it scratch.

So, before selling your iPhone to other person, you should follow the steps below so that every important data from your phone has been wiped away.

Step 1: Make a Backup of iPhone data– If you selling your iPhone and getting a new iPhone, then you have to make sure that your old one data is backed up so that when you buy a new iPhone, you may restore your old data to that new phone and also you don’t have to start from scratch. It depends on your phone that which version of iOS you are using and according to that, you will either do a backup or use the iCloud service. This service a backup everything which you need but it may not support backup to the iCloud, so it’s better to use a backup.

Step 2: Delete all your iPhone’s data and settings- You obviously don’t want that whomever get your phone, can have access to your personal data so it better to delete all the personal data and make the phone clean. You can follow the below steps to clean the data from your phone:

Go to the menu and click on the “settings“-> then click on “General” settings from the menu and choose the “reset” menu> and at last “Erase all the content and settings”.

This can be drastic step because deleting all the important data like music, e-mail, apps and setting from your phone is very difficult. You can delete your iPhone when phone is synced or by onscreen commands. You can choose any one but always begin with syncing your iPhone to your computer because this creates a backup of your data. By doing this you can easily restore your data and settings to a nrw phone.